Welcome to Salon Benders',  We are a Queer & Trans owned and operated salon and spa located in Long Beach, California.  Our mission is to provide excellent health, beauty, and community services to our guests in a kind, open, and beautiful space, for people of all genders.  

We believe that the first step to equality is understanding.  The first step in understanding is conversation.  And we know that some of the best conversations happen over coffee and haircuts.  So come on in - and feel free to ask, share, or just soak up the goodness. 

We specialize in transitions of all kinds and we encourage you to ask yourself what transition you may be embarking on now (relationships, age, gender, career, etc.)  Wherever you find yourself, we hope to assist you on your journey - mind, body, and soul.  

We love you already,

~Cal and Jessie

Our philosophy is simple...

Be Kind.

Be Unassuming.

Be Raw.

Be You.