Our Vision 

Our space is more than a salon: It's an assortment of our favorite things brewed together and poured into our favorite mug. We strive for transparency in preparing you for your arrival.  Chiefly, we serve EVERYONE. We encourage positivity, progressive gender expression, and welcome allies. Our vision is one of inclusivity and safety for as many folks as possible.


We’re all human, beautiful yet imperfect. It’s impossible to know everyone's triggers. If you’re comfortable sharing, we encourage you to do so. We’ll do our best to accommodate you. We also offer a unique service for customers wanting a private salon experience; just ask your stylist. We promise to remain open to real-time feedback and redirection of any conversation that doesn't feel safe and affirming. Each person has their own vision of safety and an inherent right to their opinion. Still, we ask that you keep all conversations kind and respectful. We have a FIRM no s*** talking policy, especially about one's self: Body shaming, slut shaming, gender shaming, or anything along those lines are NOT tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


We encourage good ‘ole fashioned conversation or relaxing silence at BENDERS’. Feel free to stay a while and indulge in one of our many interesting books, located in our library. You won’t find any gossip magazines in our library. But you're welcome to bring them with you for the duration of your visit. Please remember to bring them back home with you.


We hope you’ve found clarity in what to expect at BENDERS’. If you have anything against celebrating gender, sexuality, inclusivity, and a generally humanistic environment, we strongly urge you to find another salon. After all, there are like...millions of other options.


We kindly thank you for your visiting, supporting, and respecting our space.



Our Values


  • We most importantly value integrity and excellence in our craft.

  • We believe Transformation is an inclusive process affecting all gender identities. We draw inspiration from gender minority narratives and resilience.

  • We value open, vulnerable communication, curiosity, and presume positive intent.

  • We ask each person coming through the door, “What do you want to show the world today? How may we help you express that goal?”